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Jacob, Man in Black…Brenda MacGuff?

A few quick thoughts on last night’s episode of LOST.  If this seems like incoherent blather – it may be – I wrote it down around midnight after a few crown and coke’s and minus the 91% of my brain that melted out of my left ear during the show.

1. Juno. – I loved Juno as much as the next indie loving white male with a suburban uprbringing but it was a bit jarring to install her mom in an episode that means so much to the story this late in the game.

2. Brothers?!?!  – I have to admit I’ve had that thought at one time or another since we first saw them on the beach but I had long since changed my mind.

3. The Kids. – I am in the minority here according to the LOST fans blasting boards everywhere with hate but I thought they did a fine job and we needed to see their childhood to fully understand how they came to believe in what they each believe in.

4. They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same. – Not only one of my Top 5 favorite LOST quotes ever but the ultimate allegory for humans and how we are all responsible for corrupting one another. I think the brothers faux mom wanted to keep them away from “people” because she wanted them to figure out life and the ways of the world on their own – without distraction.

5. The Light – I have been on the team that thinks LOST is ultimately about our Faith in something bigger than us for a long time.  It doesn’t matter what you believe in, just that you believe in something, and that belief is what makes you who you are.  Everyone has control of their own destiny, nothing is predetermined.  It is OUR choices that ultimately lead us to whatever that light is in the sky after we die.  This mortal life is just a small test in the grand scheme of the life of our souls. (I think I just melted my own brain)

6.  Is Ben Jacob’s Man in Black? – I get the feeling after last night that Jacob has been grooming Ben for a long, long time to take his job.  Ben is to Jacob what the Man in Black was to their faux mom.  I think the castaways were his safety valves if/when Ben didn’t work out.  I think it comes down to Ben and Jack and I have no idea what the heck is going to go down.  But as usual with LOST – it could end up being Kate or Vincent.

What did you think?



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