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Big Baby Felt Like a Beast

Obviously last night’s game was huge if you’re a Celtics fan. Tying the series at 2-2 was a must if Boston had any chance of winning their 18th title and their 10th against the Lakers.

Year Winner Series
1959 Boston Celtics 4–0
1962 Boston Celtics 4–3
1963 Boston Celtics 4–2
1965 Boston Celtics 4–1
1966 Boston Celtics 4–3
1968 Boston Celtics 4–2
1969 Boston Celtics 4–3
1984 Boston Celtics 4–3
1985 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2
1987 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2
2008 Boston Celtics 4–2
2010 Series tied 2-2

Paul Pierce came to play as I expected and made a few huge buckets to get the team going in the 1st when both teams’ offensive execution was brutal.  He also closed the game for the C’s when they needed someone to lean on in the final minutes.  But he wasn’t the story – Big Baby was.

Glen “Don’t call me Big Baby anymore since I cried on the bench in 2008 and missed the beginning of 2010 after punching my friend while he was driving and breaking my hand” Davis played the game of his life, outhustling the entire starting five of LA and feeding of the crowds energy. Together with Lil’ Nate Robinson the C’s bench (+ Ray Allen) completely changed the momentum of the game and helped the Green go for 36 in the 4th after scoring only 60 in the first three.

As great as the game was – nothing could compare to the press conference afterwards when Baby really broke down Game 4 with some high-level analysis.



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