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In all my wisdom, I decided to start a blog right before vacation to lose any traction I may potentially be gaining. Another reason why my mother will surely be my #1 fan no matter what blather I post to the Net.

So, in a lame effort to put SOMETHING up as I stew over my LOST series recap blog, I have decided to post a few of my favorite things over the course of the last month. Enjoy?*

*question mark completely intentional

The National: High Violet

When i first heard The National’s album Boxer in ’07 I wasn’t sure what to make of them. A guy the mumbles with a deep voice over a mish mash of instruments was actually my first thought. But for whatever reason I continued playing the record from beginning to end because something about it was haunting to me.

Fast Forward three years and I am one of their biggest fans. I saw them perform at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh from the upstairs balcony and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my concert going life.

High Violet is a step towards the mainstream for the band (if there is such a thing for these guys from Ohio) and they have a range of sound on this album.  Just like the previous albums they focus mainly on the American way of life – particularly in the Midwest and Matt Berninger talk/sings.  I’ll let you get a real critics take here  in Nicholas Dawidoff’s fascinating profile from the NY Times.

Big Papi/Little Papi

For those of you who doubted the big slugger – and quite possibly my favorite Red Sox player ever alongside Mo Vaughn, Manny Ramirez and The Teammates – shame on you.

This May David Ortiz is batting .361 with 9 Home Runs and 23 RBI’s and he has 2 more games to add to those totals.  Take away his horrendous April this year and this first two months of last season and Americo is hitting .280 with 36 bombs and 104 RBI.

Now I don’t feel as bad about naming my dog Lil Papi (and cursing Big Papi forever) prior to the 2009 season – especially if we can make a playoff run.

Vince Carter hits full court shot sitting down

I think VC knew this was a must in preparation for his playoff choke against the Celtics.  (Side note – I can’t say I ever thoughts Vince Carter would make it onto a blog created by me once, let alone twice in a month but hey, what can ya do.)

Random Favorites

Gordon’s BBQ in Apex, NC. – Looks like a dump, acts like a dump, tastes like something fierce. $4.99 platter on Tuesday’s.

Over The Limit on truTV – Drunk college kids and idiots trying to drive and/or walk get pulled over by cops and made fun of as the slur their speech and say things Mom is surely to be proud of.


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10 Killer Social Media Links

As I prep for the second to last episode of LOST ever (tear) I thought this might be a good time to share 10 of my favorite Social Media links.  What is the correlation you may ask?  Well, if I am thinking about work and work related material, I don’t have time for potential salty discharge.

Each one of these links can be used to gather some great content that can help build your personal brand online or help build a social media plan for a client.

Kudos to everyone whose work I share here.



Looking for a site that can give you “Google Analytics for social media?”  SWIX is a great start.  Right now is a great time to get in on the ground level too because SWIX is still in Beta mode and you can set up as many accounts as you want completely for free. It has a customizable dashboard, ROI tracker and can link to a good portion of your social networks and accounts online.

2. Argyle Social

Trying to justify the number of hours needed to spend on a social media campaign is tough – Argyle Social wants to help.  This SaaS platform “helps marketers link social media efforts to business outcomes.”  Also in Beta currently, I have taken a trial run and the Argyle guys know what they’re doing. With conversion tracking, quick posting, custom analytics and more I’d recommend giving this a try – now.


3. New Empirical Data for SEO and Social Media Strategies

A guest post on Building43 from Jason Cohen coughs up some sweet statistics and graphs that can be used to silence an old-timey critic or as companion pieces to plans you may be creating for a client.  Did you know links have a 16% greater chance of being ReTweeted than tiny.url? No, no you didn’t.

4. How to Convince Your Boss the Value of Social Media

Hubspot brings us their VP of Inbound Marketing, Mike Volpe, and Social Media stud Chris Brogan in a Webinar PPT presentation catered to the boss that thinks “Playing around on Facebook ain’t worth a damn.” (I actually made that quote up but it sounded about right)  Great free content where you can either just download the PDF or listen to the entire Webinar.

5. Social Media Ebooks

The great Amber Naslund of Radian6 fame has compiled four of her extremely comprehensive Ebooks for free download by anyone who is looking to have knowledge dropped on them. Straight knowledge.


Whether you prefer an RSS Reader or just like to click around in the AM as you drown yourself in coffee and begin the day with a nice caffeine buzz and high heart rate – these ninjas spend their time creating content that will make you smarter. Read them.

6. Ignite Social Media Blog

7. Social Media B2B

8. The Buzz by Mike Schaffer

9. Social Media Explorer

10. Online Community Strategist

Anything you can add to this list?  Tell me about some of your favorite resources.

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5.16 Sunday Links:C’s, Delaney, MacGruber and LOST

In an effort to get out of attempting to write something somewhat clever each Sunday, I’m going to instead link up to some of my favorite posts from the previous week. Each link is 10-30 minutes well wasted.

Celtics/Magic: Eastern Conference Finals

Vince Carter Seeks Signature Moment

Vince Cater’s career is defined by a dunk in the 2000 Summer Olympics? I can agree with that to a point because he has certainly never done anything on an NBA court worth talking about.  He shoots too much, has quit on multiple teams, left the Raptors the morning of the biggest game in franchise history to get his diploma and doesn’t play defense. He may be a nice guy but up to this point he has been nothing more than a cancer to each team he’s played on.  He’ll give you 20-5-5 every night and make sure of it – whether it hurts the team or not.

Putting ‘D’ in Rasheed Wallace

Instead of ripping another Tar Heel, I’m going to give some serious props to Sheed.  Granted he played out of shape for the entire season, pulled down fewer rebounds per minute than anyone bigger than 6’9 in the NBA and shot more bad 3-pointers than I do in rec basketball – I have to give it up for Dr. Technical. Maybe he was saving himself for the playoffs??

Delaney’s Decision

Malcolm Delaney Withdraws from NBA Draft

Now we can be the 69th best team in college basketball. See you in the NIT. (I really just had to write this to release some aggression.)

Tech’s Malcolm Delaney will return for Senior Season

I love how reputable news sources quote Delaney from his Twitter page. On another note, Rivals has VT picked as No. 18 preseason since the Hokies return their top 7 players and add Allan Chaney (6’9 transfer from Billy Donovan’s Florida team who red-shirted last year).  This has me quite concerned for some reason.

Macgruber in Theatres 5/21

Macgruber carrying ‘SNL’ baggage

Fantastic read on SNL sketches that go to the big screen.  I have some that I loved and quote weekly (Wayne’s World 1 & 2) and others that I attempted to strangle the pizza faced kid at the ticket counter for lighting my 8 bucks on fire (see The Ladies Man, A Night at the Roxbury).  I will however been in line for Macgruber after hearing Jimmy Fallon say it was the most sick and disturbing (in a hilarious way) movie he had seen in a long time.

Final Week of LOST…ever

Lost Stars Give Scoop on Emotional Finale, and Why There Will Never be a Movie

One of many articles I wasted time reading that tells you very little but gets you hyped even more than you already are. But seriously, read it.

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Jacob, Man in Black…Brenda MacGuff?

A few quick thoughts on last night’s episode of LOST.  If this seems like incoherent blather – it may be – I wrote it down around midnight after a few crown and coke’s and minus the 91% of my brain that melted out of my left ear during the show.

1. Juno. – I loved Juno as much as the next indie loving white male with a suburban uprbringing but it was a bit jarring to install her mom in an episode that means so much to the story this late in the game.

2. Brothers?!?!  – I have to admit I’ve had that thought at one time or another since we first saw them on the beach but I had long since changed my mind.

3. The Kids. – I am in the minority here according to the LOST fans blasting boards everywhere with hate but I thought they did a fine job and we needed to see their childhood to fully understand how they came to believe in what they each believe in.

4. They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same. – Not only one of my Top 5 favorite LOST quotes ever but the ultimate allegory for humans and how we are all responsible for corrupting one another. I think the brothers faux mom wanted to keep them away from “people” because she wanted them to figure out life and the ways of the world on their own – without distraction.

5. The Light – I have been on the team that thinks LOST is ultimately about our Faith in something bigger than us for a long time.  It doesn’t matter what you believe in, just that you believe in something, and that belief is what makes you who you are.  Everyone has control of their own destiny, nothing is predetermined.  It is OUR choices that ultimately lead us to whatever that light is in the sky after we die.  This mortal life is just a small test in the grand scheme of the life of our souls. (I think I just melted my own brain)

6.  Is Ben Jacob’s Man in Black? – I get the feeling after last night that Jacob has been grooming Ben for a long, long time to take his job.  Ben is to Jacob what the Man in Black was to their faux mom.  I think the castaways were his safety valves if/when Ben didn’t work out.  I think it comes down to Ben and Jack and I have no idea what the heck is going to go down.  But as usual with LOST – it could end up being Kate or Vincent.

What did you think?


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That Cat can Shred

I attempted to teach my dog how to play the keyboard but he ended up licking his privates.

Of the 7+ million views – 133,219 are me and my dog.

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Humans, Animals Unite and Dance

I work in PR.

I have been involved in good pitches, bad pitches, spreading “real” news and brainstorming and writing news that really should be talked about but isn’t.

This is one of those items.

Please, I beg you, throw your Rollie’s in the sky this Friday and dance. If not for me – do it for the chicken.

*Disclosure – Queensboro is a client

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Strange name for a blog?  Well for starters I am not drunk and if I was eating chicken (I’m not) I would certainly be able to taste each succulent bite.

The name comes from a quote from the very quotable Will Ferrell. Or as I like to call him – the funniest man in the history of our world of humans.

As with most of the blogs available for you to read at every end of the earth featuring topics on every walk of life – this blog may or may not be your cup of tea.

I just felt it was finally time to get some of the random thoughts I have written down, where anyone can access them, so in a few years my 7 followers (Hi Mom!) can see that I was A) Wrong 90% of the time B)An idiot.

I like a lot of random things and will surely cover them all here.  Hopefully I get a chance to chat with you so we can talk about why I am wrong and you are right.

There’s not much to look at now – but come back soon and feel free to look around.  I promise, at the very least, this blog can be an outlet for you to go to work and say, “Have you visited yet.  Wait, of course you haven’t.  Anyways – that guy is an idiot.”

Thanks for coming. See ya’ll soon.


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