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10 Killer Social Media Links

As I prep for the second to last episode of LOST ever (tear) I thought this might be a good time to share 10 of my favorite Social Media links.  What is the correlation you may ask?  Well, if I am thinking about work and work related material, I don’t have time for potential salty discharge.

Each one of these links can be used to gather some great content that can help build your personal brand online or help build a social media plan for a client.

Kudos to everyone whose work I share here.



Looking for a site that can give you “Google Analytics for social media?”  SWIX is a great start.  Right now is a great time to get in on the ground level too because SWIX is still in Beta mode and you can set up as many accounts as you want completely for free. It has a customizable dashboard, ROI tracker and can link to a good portion of your social networks and accounts online.

2. Argyle Social

Trying to justify the number of hours needed to spend on a social media campaign is tough – Argyle Social wants to help.  This SaaS platform “helps marketers link social media efforts to business outcomes.”  Also in Beta currently, I have taken a trial run and the Argyle guys know what they’re doing. With conversion tracking, quick posting, custom analytics and more I’d recommend giving this a try – now.


3. New Empirical Data for SEO and Social Media Strategies

A guest post on Building43 from Jason Cohen coughs up some sweet statistics and graphs that can be used to silence an old-timey critic or as companion pieces to plans you may be creating for a client.  Did you know links have a 16% greater chance of being ReTweeted than tiny.url? No, no you didn’t.

4. How to Convince Your Boss the Value of Social Media

Hubspot brings us their VP of Inbound Marketing, Mike Volpe, and Social Media stud Chris Brogan in a Webinar PPT presentation catered to the boss that thinks “Playing around on Facebook ain’t worth a damn.” (I actually made that quote up but it sounded about right)  Great free content where you can either just download the PDF or listen to the entire Webinar.

5. Social Media Ebooks

The great Amber Naslund of Radian6 fame has compiled four of her extremely comprehensive Ebooks for free download by anyone who is looking to have knowledge dropped on them. Straight knowledge.


Whether you prefer an RSS Reader or just like to click around in the AM as you drown yourself in coffee and begin the day with a nice caffeine buzz and high heart rate – these ninjas spend their time creating content that will make you smarter. Read them.

6. Ignite Social Media Blog

7. Social Media B2B

8. The Buzz by Mike Schaffer

9. Social Media Explorer

10. Online Community Strategist

Anything you can add to this list?  Tell me about some of your favorite resources.


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