One time I was a student, then I was a writer, now I run a company.

I like a few things and dislike a lot of things.

More specifically I like the Virginia Tech Hokies Food, Boston Red Sox, Movies, Microbrews, Dogs, Wine Tastings, Good TV, LOST, Will Ferrell, Carolina Panthers, Social Media, PR, Marketing, Boston Celtics, Live Music, Traveling and Heluva Good Dip.

I dislike the New York Yankees, Fast Food, Cheap Beer, Big Budget Films, Pop Music, Humans that Crave Attention, Humans who talk too loud, PDA, Humans who think the are more Intelligent than they are, Glenn Beck, Bad PR and any Reality TV.


3 responses to “About

  1. Michael B.

    Great idea. With all the crazy and sometimes interesting events you have been a part of, writing them down leaves memories that we can actually recall. Best of luck and surely it will be a big hit even if it’s only between the ones you love or those on the other side who just don’t understand. Congrats friend.

    • Thanks for the kind words Michael and Ashlie. I’ll see if I can’t entertain a few people with a hodge podge of ridiculousness. At the very least I can hate on the Yankees – Ashlie…

  2. Ashlie

    I second your dislikes. Except for the Yankees part.

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