Celtics Fans Unite

A little video inspiration for fans of the green after yesterday’s lackluster performance.

1. For those worried about KG – who has more than 1,200 NBA games on his weary knees and was abused by Pau Gasol – anything is possible.

2. For those worried about Paul Pierce and his inability to consistently get by Ron “Melee at The Palace” Artest.  The career Celtic has a long history of coming up with transcendent performances in the playoffs when fans were worried.

Nets at Celtics, 2002 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 3

Cavaliers at Celtics, 2008 Eastern Conference Semifinals, Game 7

Celtics at Heat, 2010 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, Game 3

3. For those worried Ray Allen can’t keep up with Kobe – he just needs to be on the floor for more than 27 foul plagued minutes.  The playoff pedigree runs deep.

4. For those worried about the bench.  You can at least count on Big Baby – maybe.

Beat LA.



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5 responses to “Celtics Fans Unite

  1. Kate

    Love it. BEAT LA

  2. Yeah! This is a GREAT blog for every Boston fan to love and a GREAT blog for every L.A. fan to hate. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beach

    Despite Sheldon Williams’ attempts to throw the game and awful first half officiating, the Celts won a pivotal game in LA. Could have easily been a 20-25 point win if not for those two things.

  4. Graham Chapman

    All valid points – and the other point is that Boston dominates the head to head matchup with LA in the finals almost every time. However, game 3 winners have won the NBA finals 100% of the time since they made the switch to the 2-3-2 format. The Celtics aren’t finished, but I’ll take Kobe over any of the big three (four) any day. And when it matters, Derek Fisher has always been clutch.

    And on a side note – these officials have made this series BRUTAL to watch without giving an advantage to either team.

    • Thanks everyone for all the comments. I think we have seen that both teams are battle tested and its going to be a tough series for the C’s to pull out due to the Lakers slew of talented big men. I fully expected the Celtics to lose one at home and I still think this series goes back to LA with the green up 3-2. It won’t be easy to take out a stone cold killer like Kobe in a Game 7 though.

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